Supporting Remote Work with SIP? 4 Things to Do ASAP.

Work from home

With the majority of the country under either voluntary or mandatory orders to stay at home, the need to support remote work has become urgent for most companies. If you are struggling to make it a smooth transition, it’s no wonder. The business landscape and related technical needs have never changed so abruptly. While no one […]

What to Do About SIP/VOIP Systems When the Internet Goes Down

When internet down

SIP telephone systems can free your staff from being tied to their desks. You know that SIP comes with many benefits for everyone in your organization. Still, what do you do when your internet goes down, taking your SIP phone system with it.  Just about everyone relies on the internet in 2020. Without it, we […]

An Overview of VoIP Telephony (and How It Relates to SIP)

Business VoIP Telephony

Modern businesses need a SIP Trunk to extend their traditional phone system into the Cloud using VoIP telephony. If that sentence makes no sense then this article is a must-read! VoIP technology offers low-cost, high-quality communications via the Internet. U.S. VoIP business lines increased by 570% over the past ten years. It has now surpassed traditional phone lines […]

What is a PBX System?

You can promote a professional image for your brand and improve communication with a commercial-grade PBX system.  Like other technologies, PBX telephony is moving to the cloud. Accordingly, business owners must understand the underlying technology that supports modern PBX systems.  Increasingly, companies route calls through the internet, rather than using traditional phone lines. Still, today’s technology-driven […]

Let’s Review the Basics of IP Telephony

IP Telephony has been around since 1973 and began to be available for consumers in the mid-1990s. According to Pew Research, seventeen percent of Americans know what VOIP is, which is roughly 34 million people.  IP Telephony lays the foundation of SIP and VOIP technology, and we’re here to share what that’s all about.  What is […]