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For 15 years, Yeastar have served thousands cutomers in Singapore with flexible, reliable and powerful business telecommunications solutions. Yeastar Cloud PBX is the latest business VoIP telephone system hosted on cloud that helps to connect your team members by unifying in-office, on-the-go, and remote working employees.

Features for Admin and User

We’ve made all system features avaliable to you, you will find everything you want for a phone system.


Cloud availability

Manage your phone server online, always avaliable on cloud

Call logs

Full incoming and outgoing call logs from every user, trace lost memories with ease.


Built-in intrusion detection system, auto protect your system from hackers

Linkus Phone App Yeastar PBX
Linkus App for Windows 10 and MacOS - Yeastar PBX

Learn a new skill

Managing a phone system is not as difficult as you think

Provision IP phones

Auto provision IP phone with ease, support all major IP phone brands.

Plenty of options

Setup conference, IVR, VPN, paging, intercom, DISA, everything a phone system is supposed to have

Yeastar Cloud PBX Price


Yeastar Cloud PBX

A dedicated cloud server for your company
$ 89 SGD /Month/Server (and 5 users)
  • Yeastar Cloud PBX Server
  • Yeastar user license X 5
  • 5000 minutes of recordings
  • Full admin/access rights
  • Support Multiple Offices
  • Support Multiple SIP Trunks
  • Support Multiple DID Numbers

Yeastar user license

Order only what you need
$ 8 SGD /Month/User
  • First 5 users included in Cloud PBX
  • Order from the 6th user
  • Each user connect up to 4 devices
  • Self management user portal
  • Auto-provision of IP Phone
  • Use Linkus Mobile and Desktop
  • Voicemail, call forward etc.
Add on

Recording storage

Order only what you need
$ 6 SGD /Month/1000 Minutes
  • First 5000 minutes included in Cloud PBX
  • Only accessable by you
  • Order only if you need more
  • 6 SGD/Mth for 1000 Minutes of recordings
  • Select the users you want to record
  • Web based replay, download, delete
  • Auto clean up, FIFO logic
Add on

Download Linkus Unified Communications App

Each licensed Yeastar Cloud PBX user is equipped with a softphone (Mobile client and Desktop client), as well as an optional IP Phone for communications and collaboration Anywhere, Anytime. 

Download Linkus for Phones

Linkus Unified Communications App for Android

Turn your Android phone to your office extension.

(For Android 4.4 or higher)

Linkus Unified Communications App for iOS

Take your company call on the go on your iPhone.

(For iOS 10.0 or higher)

Download Linkus for Mac or Windows PC

Linkus Unified Communications App for Windows 10 and MacOS

Enjoy the unified communications app at your windows or Mac desktop.

(For Windows 7 or later)

(For OS X 10.11 EI Capitan or later)

Telephone Numbers

Option 1: Bring your own SIP Trunk

SIP trunk is the next-in-line future-ready digital solution to replace existing physical telephone cables(ISDN/PSTN). Get your own SIP trunk and use it with Yeastar Cloud PBX so that you can choose your preferred SIP trunk provider and have full control over your numbers and usage. There are plenty of choices locally and internationally.

Singtel SIP Trunk

SG's favorite

Available in 2021

Singtel's offer

More details will be available at 2nd half of 2021
Coming soon...
MyRepublic SIP Trunk

Good DDI Rates

Block of 10 DDI $8.50/mth

MyRepublic's offer

SIP 5 channels - $40/mth
Block of 10DDI - $8.50/mth
Set up cost - $122.50/One-time
24 months contract
Setup Guide

Start small

SIP 2 channels $10/Mth

Hoiio's offer

SIP 2 channels - $10/mth
L6 DDI x 1 - $5/mth
No setup cost
No contract
Setup Guide

IDD Calls

Save even more on IDD calls

Twilio's Offer

SIP 30 channels - $30/mth
L3 DDI only
No setup cost
No contract
Setup Guide

*Worldwide SIP Trunks & Setup Guide for Yeastar Cloud PBX

New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

*Yeastar strives to ensure interoperability with SIP trunk partners around the globe with in-depth testing. These SIP trunk providers have passed the compatibility test with Yeastar Cloud PBX and pre-configured templates are included in Yeastar Cloud PBX that make configuration easy and quick. Select country to view a list of supported SIP trunk providers in your country, however, do take note that this list is NOT exhaustive.

Option 2: Bridge with a Yeastar Gateway

Currently using Landlines or ISDN and don't want to switch to a SIP Trunk? Yeastar Gateways provide the solution for retention of your existing lines on the Yeastar Cloud PBX.

Landlines are traditional telephone lines with physical cables, also known as POTS/PSTN/CO or hunting lines.  Retain your landlines with a Yeastar TA gateway.

Digital lines are widely used by businesses. Bridge the connection between ISDN 10/ ISDN 30  (RJ-48c/ T1/E1/PRI interfaces) and Yeastar Cloud PBX with a Yeastar TE gateway.

Free IP Phone or Headset, offer ends 30 April, 2022

IP Phone

We are giving away a Yealink -T31P IP Phone (LCD with backlight)

  • Auto-provision by Yeastar Cloud PBX
  • 2.3” 132×64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight
  • Two-port 10/100M Ethernet Switch
  • PoE support
  • Opus codec support
  • Up to 2 SIP accounts
  • Local 5-way conferencing
  • Support EHS Wireless Headset
  • Stand with 2 adjustable angles
  • Wall mountable
  • Original power supply included

*Terms and Condition: Applicable to new or existing customers who purchase YEARLY Yeastar Cloud PBX and Yeastar user license subscriptions. Choose from either an IP phone or a headset, 1 unit per customer.

Contact our sales to arrange a Yeastar Cloud PBX online demo or purchase our 7 day trial at $1/day with the option to extend to 30 days.  


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